HAPPY HEALTH (M) SDN BHD was established in Year 1985. We are the edible bird’s nest manufacturer and supplier which based in Malaysia. Over the past 20 years, we have been using our own nesting house for breeding and factory to process bird’s nest. We are one of the exporters that export our products to Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

We are ambitious to deliver the knowledge of processing bird’s nest, so that the consumers would have better understanding of our products before purchasing them. We strived to maintain the quality of our health products through all the high technical process.

This recent years, some inferior nest flooding in the market, there are some bird’s nest supplier added chemical during the processing to detriment the consumers and achieve riches, we want to restore the truth of the bird’s nest.

• To distribute high quality products to different countries with professional up-to- date skills and technology
• To be one of the leading company in Bird Nest industry by providing various choices of Bird Nest products.
• To guarantee high quality products with lowest and reasonable price that everybody can afford to purchase and consume.
• Aim to make our brand a household word throughout the world.

• To provide hygienic, no preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours products from the process of food production, packaging and distribution to fulfil customer’s satisfaction
• To provide adequate information and knowledge so that consumers have the capability to make the right decision
• To provide excellent customer service by listening to customer’s needs and providing accurate product’s information.
• To engage in research programmes in order to stay innovative and achieve breakthrough in processing Bird Nest products.

we own various of international certificate

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