My Walet Brand Concentrated Instant Bird’s Nest


230 gm


My Walet Brand Concentrated Instant Bird’s Nest (230GM) is made from natural Bird Nest collected in Malaysia. The bird nests were carefully selected and rinsed .The whole production process is free of bleaching agent or chemicals. It is processed under strict hygienic condition according to GMP & HACCP requirements. The product is well sterilized and vacuum sealed to retain its natural goodness.

Pure Bird’s Nest 90 %
Rock Sugar Solution 10 %
Shelf Life

3 years

Net Weight



Store in cool places, do not expose directly to heat or sunlight


This product underwent high-voltage vacuum sterilization. It contains no preservative, hence tighten the cap upon finishing and store the unfinished products in refrigerator. Stop consuming if allergies happen to the product and seek for medical advice.



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